Charity Johanniter

The Mermaid Ball is raising money for the Johanniter help to benefit the homeless shelter "Giv Din Hånd" in the North-Western part of Copenhagen. All proceeds will benefit the homeless, as the Johanniterhjælpen works solely on a volunteer basis.


The Johanniter Order (the Order of Saint John) has a +900-year history of aid for the sick and the poor.  Today the Johanniter is active in 39 countries around the world running hospitals, retirements homes, kindergartens, etc. The international emergency aid organizations of Saint John (collaborating through Johanniter International) have a total of 13,000 employees, 29,000 volunteers and 1.5 million supporters. 

The charity Johanniterhjælpen was founded in 2013 and is supporting a homeless shelter and a children’s home.


If you wish to make a donation to the Johanniterhjælpen, you can do so on the Mermaid Ball web shop or at the ball in person.


The full amount raised will be announced after the ball when all donations have been counted.


The Johanniter Order is very grateful for all your donations. No amount is too small.


Should you wish to learn more about the Johanniter Order, please see the Orders webpage:


Jacob von Gehren

Chairman for the Johannitherhjælpen in Denmark