Where to stay

The manor house of Jomfruens Egede has been known to be haunted!


"The Lady in white" - She walks the halls and parlour rooms. She likes to meet and greet new guests and then dissappears though the wall.



There are 20 double rooms at Jomfruens Egede.

(if you dare, muhhaaa!)


  • Double room per night including breakfast, 1050Dkk
  • Single room per night including breakfast, 600Dkk


Please beaware it is an old building, and there are some rooms where you will have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other. Expect shared bathrooms.


Next to the main building, there is a house called "The Anneks" which is still apart of the manor and used as a guest house.


To book a room at Jomfruens Egede, please look under Tickets.


Other suggestions for accomodation :






You can also choose to stay in Copenhagen. Although, remember it takes 45 min. to drive to Copenhagen and that driving under the influence is not at good idea. May I suggest pre-booking a chauffeured car.


Where to stay in Copenhagen:




Due to a very large conference in Copenhagen the same weekend there are only few avalaible hotels. We recommend you to look at AirBnB.

Please email us if you have any questions.



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